It’s officially Fall and colder months are upon us,  and in honor of this sometimes chilly season, we will be highlighting our Warm Skinz for this month’s UV Skinz Style Post! As the title suggests, these long sleeve sun and swim shirts are designed to keep you warmer than our basic sun and swim shirt would, so you can enjoy extended periods of outdoor water play! Featuring a .5 Neoprene core that helps retain body heat, and nylon/elastane long sleeves and side panels, our Warm Skinz provide a perfect balance of warmth and breathability for your ultimate comfort. This piece is great option during long hours in the pool, an early morning surf session, or while canoeing down a local river…you name it! See how we’ve styled Warm Skinz for the whole family below!


Men and Women | What to Wear:

Boys and Girls | What to Wear: