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We’re a versatile group at UV Skinz, but one thing we have in common…we love our UV Skinz! This past week, I went around the office and asked a few UV Skinz team members, “What’s
your favorite UV Skinz piece?”. After collecting various answers, I compiled them into one central location (i.e. here!), and we’re ready to share them with you! So without further adieu, here are the UV Skinz Staff Favorites…

Women’s Jammerz


“I like my Jammerz, have worn them SUP’ing {Stand Up Paddleboard’ing} with my Aloha Swim Shirt. They are comfortable, feel good on my body, and have a great hand feel, mainly because of the silky lining. Even though they are 2 layers, they still felt cool & kept me protected from the INTENSE Mayan Sun while exploring in Tulum, Mexico.” -Jane, Product Design Team 

“I love my Jammerz because they are super comfortable!” -Kathy, Customer Service Team

Jane and JammerzJane vacationing in the Yucatan Peninsula!

Women’s Long Sleeve Half-Zip


“My favorite UV Skinz product is hands down the Women’s Long Sleeve Half-Zip. Style and fit are important to me, and this shirt hits the mark here. The ruching on the sides adds a subtle yet flattering accent to the already stylish top. It’s very lightweight and keeps me cool, even on warm days. A go-to for me when doing anything active outdoors.”  – Michelle, Social Media Marketing Team

Men’s Short Sleeve Panel Shirt


“I love the Navy/Royal/White Men’s Panel Shirt because of the tri-color pattern.  Swimshirts make it easy for me to be protected because I am a major Irish white boy and we spend a TON of time hiking in and out of all the Sierra-Nevada waterways during the summers.” – Jason, Customer Service Team

Kid’s Sun and Swim Shirts

“I have always loved the Swim Shirts for the kids. They have made it so easy to just put one on instead of sunscreen, which I was never good at remembering to do! My youngest is very modest and loves the Short Sleeve Shirts and Jammerz. I have included a picture of Lou at Cousin camp boogie boarding in her {Aloha Sun and Swim Shirt} Skinz.” -Kimbre, Customer Service Team

Lareisa at Beach in UV SkinzLareisa at the beach boogie boarding in her UV Skinz!

Baby Girl Sun & Swim Suit | Reversible Bucket Hat | Short Sleeve Sun & Swim Shirt | Sunny Swim Skirt

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“My favorite UV Skinz product(s) are the Baby Girl Sun & Swim Suit as well as the Girls Short Sleeve Sun & Swim Shirt and Sunny Swim Skirt oh… and the Girls Reversible Bucket Hat!  Why? Because I can have peace of mind when all three of my girls are out in the sun!” -Patrick, Accounting Team

11419128_1427130250949925_372939613_nAdessa (left) & Liberty (right) playing in the sand in their matching UV Skinz 🙂

Men’s Pullover Hoodie

hoodie mens

“The Pullover Hoodie for Men is my personal favorite. The material is awesome. I love the way it feels. I appreciate that I can stuff it into a day pack and it hardly takes up any room. As sun protection when I wear it with nothing underneath, because of the weave of the fabric, it actually keeps me cool and protected. If I wear a layer underneath it works well as a thin thermal layer. And when it’s really hot out, I dip it in some water and it’s my personal air conditioning unit. It’s one of my favorite pieces of clothing…I don’t go on a trip (to the beach or the mountains) without it.” – Tim, Graphic Design Team

Terry Beach Poncho


“I think honestly, my favorite UV Skinz item is the Baby Terry Beach Poncho because it is so ridiculously cute. Like, every time i see that picture of the two kids wearing it, while playing on the beach, i think to myself, ‘those kids are so freakin’ cute in that thing’…when I finally have a kid of my own, I’ll definitely be getting one of these for him/her.” – Chris Fort, Product Design Team


Women’s Water Jacket

water jacket

“My favorite {UV Skinz product} hands down is the Women’s Water Jacket! While I wear it many places (grocery store, garden, pool, walking around the neighborhood), I get the most use of it while at the gym. It is great to throw on over my gym clothes in the cool mornings, to put on over my gym clothes on my way home and even to wear while working out on chillier mornings. While I have worn it in the water, the majority of time I wear it is for non-water related activities. I have recommended taking the word “Water” out of the title or changing it to something else as this is the most versatile, ‘do everything’ jacket in my wardrobe.” – Michelle, Customer Service Team

Women’s Hooded Beach Cover-Up

hooded beach cover up

“My favorite product is the Hooded Beach Cover-Up.  I have given this item as a gift several times and it is always a hit!  It is one of those styles that is flattering on all body types and so versatile.  My mother-in-law wears it mainly as swim cover-up but has also paired it with our Jammerz for a casual around town look.  Looks great with the Striped Beach Hat too!” – Gerri, eCommerce Team

“I have a few favorites. I LOVE the Women’s Hooded Beach Cover-Up. It is very flattering and lightweight. I also really love my half-zip ruched long sleeve shirt.” – Rachel, Customer Service Team

Women’s Board Shorts


“I LOVE our Women’s Board Shorts. They are super comfortable (especially in our new stretch woven fabric) and they are my go-to swim bottom.  I love how fast they dry and how I can jump into the car shortly after getting out of the water.  My old faithful is the Full Zip Water Jacket.  I have several of them and don’t go to the lake or beach without one.” – Sarah, Account Manager

IMG_1507 (3)Sarah enjoying the lake in her UV Skinz Board Shorts!