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Gift giving season is upon us, and I’d like to encourage you to give the gift of sun protection this year! Damaging UV rays are all around us, even during the colder months, so it’s important to protect yourself and your loved ones from UV radiation year-round. With that said, here are some of our top gift picks for loved ones in your life this holiday season.

For Dads, Grandpas, and the Guy Who Can’t Stop Playing Golf 060311-NavyBlue

Featured in the Wall Street Journal earlier this year, our Men’s Long Sleeve Half-Zip is a great option for any active (or not active, but you want to get active) man in your life who dreams of traveling and/or is always hanging out outside. A stylish, comfortable shirt that can be worn for essentially any occasion, some potential activities include: golfing (what sophisticated man doesn’t like to swing a 9-iron now and then?), taking a romantic stroll on the beach just before sunset on your honeymoon (…did you figure out I’m engaged?), sitting in the stands lovingly watching your kids, your nephews, or grand-kids crash into each other in pee-wee football (“awwww…”), the options are truly endless. Fun bonus feature: THE ZIPPER PULL TURNS ORANGE IN THE PRESENCE OF UV RADIATION. Whhaaaat – $59.95


We also have a short-sleeve version (striped), check it out here.

For the Ladies i.e. Moms, Grandmas, Sisters, and the Gal Who Enjoys Going to the Farmer’s Market


Our Women’s Water Jacket is a customer and employee favorite for a reason; it is awesome. Lightweight, quick-drying, stylish and comfortable…this jacket is a sun protective staple we recommend gifted to any woman who enjoys time spent outdoors. While “water” is in the title, don’t let that detail fool you. Customers have reported wearing this jacket while doing a variety of water-free activities, including hanging laundry outside, getting the mail, walking through vineyards, sightseeing, going to parades, and shopping at farmer’s markets…In the words of our customer satisfaction team PRO, Michelle Carney, “this is the most versatile, ‘do everything’ jacket in my wardrobe.” Thanks for the awesome testimonial, Michelle 😉  – $55.95


For the Kiddies

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I know I just recommended our Water Jacket for the ladies, but I’m going to get a little crazy here and recommend the children’s version of this best selling piece as well because it is just too cute not to! Our Boy’s and Girl’s Water Jackets have essentially the same features (full-zip, front pockets, thumb-holes, color changing zip pulls, etc.), and come in a variety of stylish prints to choose from depending on personal preference. One key difference I will mention: while boys and girls jackets come in sizes 2T up to 14, the Girl’s Water Jackets ranging from size 2T – 6 feature an adorable ruffle accent on the bottom of the jacket (see the picture directly above and below). It is seriously too cute. TOO CUTE. – $34.95

water jackets

For the Babes (Babies)

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Speaking strictly on levels of cuteness, baby clothes rank up there next to fluffy puppies and miniature piglets as some of the cutest things in the world. The UV Skinz UV Protective Full Coverage Sun and Swimsuits for boys and girls are no exception. Not only are they adorable, these suits are certified UPF 50+ (like ALL UV Skinz products!) and protect against over 98% of UV radiation. They make taking your baby to the beach a cakewalk, as a full-length zipper with protective interior flap make this sunsuit comfortable for baby and easy put on and take off for parents. These suits aren’t just meant for the beach either, they can be worn during outside play time in the backyard, like these little babes pictured below. However, be mindful of grass-stain potential here ;-). – $38.95


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