Clothes that keep up with our lifestyles are a must, and a piece that can multitask throughout a busy day from conference-room to classroom, from yoga mat to dinner with friends, should be within easy reach in everyone’s closet and be versatile enough to fit everyone’s unique style.

We put our UV Skinz Hooded Resort Wrap, made with super soft breathable UPF 50+ fabric, to task and asked 5 of our team members to show us their favorite way to wrap.
hwr-carmenCarmen loves the Pink Fusion wrap tied in the front, giving her sleeveless gray dress shape and color – “I’m always wearing dresses to work but so many of them are sleeveless and I like to have my arms covered. The Hooded Resort Wrap is much more comfortable and fun than a blazer, still looks professional, and the pink brightens up my dark wardrobe. And it’s perfect for heading to my son’s water polo game after work – I’m sun protected and ready to sit in the splash-zone!”

hwr-emilieEmilie ties her wrap in a fun twist behind her back, over a dress – “This style really works for me because it keeps the fabric out of my way while I’m working on designs, and it keeps me warm in my chilly office. The wrap is such a versatile piece, it’s fun to come up with unique new ways to wear it.”

hwr-mckenzieMcKenzie layers the white wrap over her chambray shirt and dark denim jeans, adding a polish to her look – “I love being able to layer the wrap. The white one goes with pretty much anything in my closet.”


Megan wears her black Hooded Resort Wrap with her athletic wear making for a quick getaway to the gym after work – “If I don’t plan to stop at the gym on my way home from the office chances are I won’t go. And after my workout? I’m putting the wrap back on and hitting the grocery store, the gas station, the pet store….you know, all my errands!”

hwr-kathyKathy’s favorite is to wear the classics as classics, the Blue Fusion wrap with a pair of cropped jeans and flip flops, hanging on to the spirit of Summer for as long as she can  – “I can’t decide if I like this outfit more for the beach or for work!”

That’s a wrap!