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Featured on Eco Baby World

Take a look at this! UV Skinz was featured at EcoBabyWorld! “EcoBabyWorld is the place for the eco-conscious families. This is a one-stop information source that also includes a shopping portal for anything and everything natural and organic for your baby, and where new companies have a chance to launch their eco-friendly products.” Business of the Week interview: Business name: UVskinz  ( Year launched: May 2005 Location: California Owners: Rhonda Sparks Hobbies: “My four boys.  …

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Coral Killer!

It appears that the chemicals in sun screen may be effecting the ocean’s ecosystem…huh, who’d have thunk it? I guess UV Skinz help protect more than you and me. Here is an exerpt: “News today of one more way human activity might be helping wreck the planet: Research by Italian marine biologists, reported in Environmental Health Priorities, suggests that the sunscreen that washes off the skin of swimmers in the tropics may be contributing to …

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