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Genes That Cause Melanoma Discovered!

Scientist from the “Queensland Institute of Medical Research have found two new genes that together double a persons risk of melanoma.” A study team studied the genes of 6,000 people and found that “specific changes in two genes were found to make people more susceptible to developing moles. The researchers went on to show, in another 4,000 people, the same two genes increased the risk of developing melanoma – the most deadly form of skin …

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Holey Moley

According to current findings sunshine is not the main cause of most dangerous forms of skin cancer. Even though exposing yourself unprotected to UVA and UVB rays increases your risk of developing skin cancer, it could have more to do with the number of moles you have. Scientist, whose research appears in the current issue of the journal Nature Genetics, claim the number of moles on your skin is the most important factor in the …

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