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Natural Skin Care Is More Vital Than Ever In the Summer Sun

Here is an article from According to some experts, about 70% of sun damage occurs during our every day activities – walking to the car, going in and out of buildings, walking along the street shopping, and so on – not while we’re sunbathing. Unfortunately, this means we have to wear sunscreen just about every time we leave the house. In light of the fact that sunscreen can be pretty toxic, that’s bad news …

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Eye Balls

This morning I drove my partner’s father’s truck to work today and noticed that I went out of my way to have my sunglasses with me. I usually keep them in my car, but after a series of subconscious events I had kept them close so that I would have them this morning until I retrieved my own vehicle. I didn’t start wearing sunglasses regularly until I started college (it was easier to people watch …

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The history of sunglasses

I honor of UV Safety Month I decided to present you all with some information on sunglasses. Sunglasses, at least versions of them, have been around for centuries! Their purposes and styles varied though the years before they evolved into what we know today. Here are some points of interest on the sunglass time line that might be of some interest. Milestones: 1300cChinese judges wore smoke-colored quartz lenses to conceal their eye expressions in court. …

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The Sunscreen of Tomorrow, Today.

Being a sun-protection company you would think that we wouldn’t want anyone to know about other products out there, but you are wrong. Check out the new products out there, the important thing is that you protect yourself and the ones you love. Here are some interesting items that came across my radar recently: Last night while I was watching “The Office” (best show on television) Season Finale I noticed a very interesting Coppertone ad …

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What’s Tomato With You?

Apparently tomatoes contain a certain chemical that boosts your skin’s ability to withstand the dangerous effects of the sun. Check it out: “Tomatoes could be the new weapon in the fight against sun damage to the skin, research at the Universities of Newcastle and Manchester has revealed. According to a study presented at the British Society for Investigative Dermatology this month, eating tomato paste could help protect against sunburn and sun-induced skin aging.”   (read more)

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Why don’t I just wear a normal t-shirt?

A lot of people ask us why they should bother with UV Skinz Swim Shirts. Sure you already own shirts that you could swim in. Sure they protect you a little bit, but consider the following: • Microfiber – Our unique blend of material blocks out 98% of all UV ray; a cotton t-shirt blocks out much less • Holds Shape – Cotton t-shirts stretch when wet, which drops the protection to UPF 5 or …

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I just found this article online, check it out. “The Skin Cancer Foundation does acknowledge that sunscreen alone is not enough. You need to wear protective clothing (pricey new fabrics such as Solumbra apparently block both UV-A and UV-B, but a wide hat and long, lightweight summer clothing should suffice), and spend more time in the shade. If you’re a beach lover, invest in a sun umbrella. But think twice before you slap on sunscreen. …

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