The New Standard In Sun Protection!

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Vitamin D: From the sun or food?

“The American Academy of Dermatology recently issued an updated position statement on vitamin D after an updated review of the increasing body of scientific literature on this vitamin and its importance for optimal health.” This is such a tricky subject because while we want to make sure we and our children are receiving the healthy amount of vitamins and nutrients, we also don’t want to expose them to UV rays unprotected just to get the …

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Winter Sun Protection

As we transition from Fall to Winter, many people don’t realize that during these next few months of clouds, lower temperatures and possibly snow sun protection is still important. I grew up in Colorado, with hot summers and very cold and snowy winters. During those winter months I would never touch a drop of sun screen. I didn’t think that sun protection in general was very important, unless I was headed to the pool! Now …

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